Friday, July 2, 2010

The Beginning

So this is my first blog. I've never done this before. Like any bride this is a very exciting time and one to be shared. I will try to give advice and tips that may help anyone in the process of organising a wedding.

Chris and I met almost three years ago through mutual friends. We got engaged last year in October. Moved to Townsville in Jan. A big move at that! Especially trying to organise a wedding. There are only certain places to use and not much help at hand.

I already found my dress at Bridal Palace Townsville. It's a Halo dress supplied from Sydney. Not too bad in price either. I know its very soon to find a dress but ladies you know when it's "the one"

I did come across a cute children's store in Cairn's. It's called Benfan - & email They have amazing flower girl and pageboy clothing. Very cheap prices.

We have already organised the reception at Rydes Southbank Townsville. It's $110 per head. This will be the most expensive part of the wedding. I hope the food is nice. We are having a sit down 3 course meal & a 5 hour drinking package included. Shop around!

The Ceremony is at Sacred Heart Cathedral. This church has a special family bond. Can't disapoint Grandma. But seriously its a beautiful old church on the top of a hill in Townsville with amazing views. I know Deanne will take some amazing photos. Can't wait.

Well that's all for now.


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